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East Midlands Energy Efficiency

Hints & Tips at Work

We all want to do our bit.  Safety, sustainability and energy efficiency are important to us all.  Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference, particularly when we act collectively.  Here are some top tips to help at work.

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Only fill your kettle with the water you need. You will save both water and energy.

Cavity wall insulation can help prevent heat loss through your walls. Consider getting this retro-fitted if you still have uninsulated walls.

Use a microwave. Generally a microwave oven is the most efficient way to heat up and cook food.

Still using tungsten, halogen or fluorescent bulbs? Changing to LED lighting can save energy and money.

If your charger has an LED to show it’s in use, it is still using energy until you switch it off at the wall or unplug it.

Properly used, dishwashers use less water and energy than washing dishes by hand. However, make sure you only wash full loads and don’t pre-rinse everything in the sink first unless it really needs it.

Keeping extract fans and vents clean and clear from obstruction reduces energy use and makes then work more efficiently.

Thermal or heavy blinds and curtains can help trap heat and reduce draughts. Close them at night to reduce heating bills.

Make sure your computers are programmed to shut down and save power when not in use. Most operating systems have built in power settings and the capability of being switched on or off remotely if required. If you need them on for network upgrades and backups, commit to running these on a specific schedule and build this into you power settings. You’ll be surprised how much energy you can save.

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Every year in the UK it kills around 50 people and sends 4000 to A&E for emergency treatment. Make sure you get all your combustion appliances properly serviced and fit an alarm. Good quality alarms are available from most DIY suppliers and take minutes to fit. It could save your life!

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