Hints & Tips at Work

We all want to do our bit.  Safety, sustainability and energy efficiency are important to us all.  Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference, particularly when we act collectively.  Here are some top tips to help at work.

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Litter belongs in bins! Stuffing litter behind radiators not only prevents them working efficiently but can also be a fire risk.

Check the programmer on your heating and hot water to make sure the timings match your needs. If you don’t have a seven-day programmer fitted consider getting one.

Fitting a new insulating jacket to a bare hot water tank can save over £100 per year. Costing just a few pounds, the investment can pay itself off in a few months.

Solid brick walls can be insulated internally or externally to reduce heat loss.

Use the sun to reduce your heating bills. Leave internal doors open to rooms which trap the sun so the heat can spread to other areas.

Hanging out clothes to dry will save you energy and money over using a tumble drier.

Keeping the oven door closed while you are cooking helps keep your oven at a stable temperature. It can also improve your cooking whilst saving you energy.

Washing a small load of clothes? Check you washing machine’s settings to see if you can use the “half load” programme to save water and energy.

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) only limit the maximum temperature areas reach. It is a common misconception that they change how quickly an area heats up. Don’t turn them up thinking the room will heat up quicker.

Insulation prevents heat moving in and out of a building. This makes it even more important for buildings with cooling systems which can benefit in both hot and cold weather.

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