Report Non-Compliance (EPBD)

Report Non-Compliance

We all understand the importance of complying with environmental legislation.  The world and climate is changing so we need to work together to protect it for future generations.  Unfortunately some people are still prepared to cut corners or only pay lip service to environmental policies.  Others still need to be educated so that they understand their obligations.

Getting something done about non-compliance can be challenging, not least because finding the correct authority for enforcement can be off-putting.  The Property Energy Professionals Association (PEPA) has introduced a service for anyone to report instances of non-compliance relating to the energy performance of buildings regulations. Specifically, you can report:


Using the service couldn't be simpler.  Just complete and submit the form below.

PEPA is not an enforcement authority but they will take meaningful steps to try and address reported instances of non-compliance by:

  • Writing a polite letter to the owner of the property/public authority, pointing out that they are non-compliant with EPBD regulations in respect of EPCs/DECs (as appropriate) and copy in the marketing agent (if applicable)
  • If no response is received within one month, PEPA will send a copy of the letter to the relevant Trading Standards Office (TSO), again copying in the marketing agent (if applicable), and asking they advise in due course what action they have taken.
  • If PEPA has not heard from the TSO within one month they will contact them again and ask for an update.
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Report details:

Existing Domestic EPC (RdSAP) New Build Domestic EPC (SAP) Commercial EPC (NDEA L3, L4 & L5) DEC Air Conditioning Inspection Report
Please provide any website links to where the property is being marketed

Your contact details:

Providing your contact details is optional. Providing your details will allow PEPA to contact you if they require more information or wish to update you on the progress of your report. Your details will not be disclosed to any party outside PEPA.

When you submit your report, you will be taken to the PEPA website.