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East Midlands Energy Efficiency

Where can I find a copy of a valid certificate or report?

We're all busy people.  Keeping hold of your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), Display Energy Certificate (DEC) or Air Conditioning Energy Inspection (ACEI) probably wasn't top of your priorities.  Luckily all valid certificates and reports are publicly available.

Recent changes have seen all the separate registers merged into a single UK Energy Register.  This includes all domestic and non-domestic reports from across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Unfortunately the Scottish Government is yet to migrate their register so it still has to be access separately.

With the new UK Register most people no longer need a paper copy of their report.  In fact, the government is encouraging the use of electronic links instead.  This way the reports and certificates are live documents which can be easily updated and additional information highlighted.

Category: Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)