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East Midlands Energy Efficiency

Do Listed Buildings need an Air Conditioning Energy Inspection (ACEI)?

There has been a lot of past confusion about exemptions from assessment and inspection requirements for Listed Buildings and buildings within a formally designated conservation area.  Firstly, the limited exemptions that exist appear to vary significantly between the devolved administrations in the UK.  Secondly, the supporting guidance, particularly for England & Wales, is regularly updated and can appear inconsistent at best or even incomprehensible.

As energy assessors, we are not in a position to provide legal advice which you should obtain from a suitable professional where required.  However, we provide these summaries to assist you in understanding the issue.

Energy assessments can also be completed on a voluntary basis if this is an approach you choose to use as a safety net against non-compliance.  However, you should be aware that this may have its own implications.

The information below has been divided up by the devolved administration to which it applies.