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East Midlands Energy Efficiency

Do I need a Recommendations Report with my DEC?

Recommendation Reports provide suggestions to improve the way energy is managed and used within a building.  Completed properly, they are the most useful part of the feedback from an assessment.  Display Energy Certificate (DEC) assessors also typically have more freedom than other energy assessors to consider a wider range of improvements and the effect they may have on your building.

As such, the Recommendation Report provides recommendations for improving energy efficiency which can help reduce energy bills if successfully implemented.  A good assessor will often be able to reflect your organisation's own environmental sustainability priorities when producing the report.

Therefore, even where they are not required, it can be beneficial to have the Recommendation Report for a building completed or updated.  This is particularly true when your energy assessor has to complete a site visit to complete the assessment as the additional work for the assessor is limited and this should be reflected in the assessment price.  In our case, we rarely charge any different for a site visit with or without a new Recommendation Report.

Recommendation Report Requirements