Hints & Tips at Home

We all want to do our bit.  Safety, sustainability and energy efficiency are important to us all.  Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference, particularly when we act collectively.  Here are some top tips to help at home.

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Giving your plants’ roots a good soaking once or twice a week in dry weather is much better than lightly watering them every day because most of that water just evaporates away. However, new plants do need regular watering until they are established.

Keeping extract fans and vents clean and clear from obstruction reduces energy use and makes then work more efficiently.

Still using tungsten, halogen or fluorescent bulbs? Changing to LED lighting can save energy and money.

About a quarter of all our clean, drinkable water at home is flushed down the toilet. Place a sealed bottle of water or brick in your cistern to reduce this amount.

Use the sun to reduce your heating bills. Leave internal doors open to rooms which trap the sun so the heat can spread to other areas.

Every degree you turn your home thermostat down could save you around £80 to £85 a year on your heating bill.

Are your heating costs literally going through the roof? Check to ensure you have 250-270 mm of loose roll loft insulation and top up if necessary.

When did you last test your smoke alarm? Make sure it will work when you need it by testing it weekly. #TestItTuesday

Hanging out clothes to dry will save you energy and money over using a tumble drier.

Check the programmer on your heating and hot water to make sure the timings match your needs. If you don’t have a seven-day programmer fitted consider getting one.

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