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East Midlands Energy Efficiency


YouGen is an award winning platform that brings a public enthusiasm about renewable and efficient energy together with professional and highly recommended energy installers.  A trusted, award winning and independent advice service, the platform has hundreds of entries on all manner of green energy topics, and our installer directory allows would-be users of green and efficient energy technology to locate high quality companies in their area to help them achieve their goals.

YouGen’s vision:

We wish to see a UK where homes are energy efficient and local power generation from renewable sources is the norm.

YouGen’s purpose:

YouGen aim to make it easy for people to find the information and energy installers they need to make the best choices in green and efficient energy.  There are over 1000 blog posts and dozens of recommended installers across the country that will help you make an informed decision.

YouGen’s values:

YouGen pride themselves on being a fair, independent and trusted source of information, provided by a team of professionals passionate about renewable and efficient energy.

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