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East Midlands Energy Efficiency

Fluorinated Gas

Fluorinated gases, often referred to as F-gases, are a range of chemicals containing fluorine that can have very significant effects on global warming.  They are powerful greenhouse gases with the potential to cause significant harm if released into the atmosphere.  The use of F-gas alternatives grew as replacements were sought for ozone depleting substances (ODS) in many systems.  In recent years various measures have been introduced to reduce and control the use of F-gases.  This has included the European Union F-gas Regulation which aims to minimise and phase out the use of these gases wherever possible.

With the exception of Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom withdrew from the EU F-gas Regulation on 1 February 2020.  In its place the UK Government now has its own controls.  You can find out more about the requirements that apply to all those who use or work with F-gas here on the website.