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  • My business Luca Forno, VP Operations East Hemisphere, EthosEnergy 29 October 2021
    What is EthosEnergy’s response/commitments to decarbonisation? The journey to net-zero greenhouse emissions is underway. As the energy transition increasingly takes centre stage, particularly with COP26 coming up, it’s incumbent on all companies to play their part in ensuring we meet critical targets.  While environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance is critical for our long-term success, […]
  • Net zero needs nuclear 29 October 2021
    Nuclear plants have provided clean, reliable low-carbon energy for over 65 years, and nuclear is the second-largest source of low-carbon energy globally, after hydropower.
  • Charging forward 29 October 2021
    Transporting people and goods is one of the dirtiest things we do in the UK. It equates to around 27% of the UK’s carbon emissions – around 126m tonnes of CO2. To achieve a greener future, have cleaner air and reach net zero, we need to decarbonise vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a viable solution […]
  • Mitigating methane emissions 29 October 2021
    Carbon-cutting initiatives have been the focus of government and industry attention for many years, but until recently, efforts to tackle the much more potent greenhouse gas, methane, were given second billing. Methane has more than 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide within the first 20 years after its release. Atmospheric concentrations of the […]
  • Tackling the Scope 3 emissions challenge Xavier Denoly, Sustainable 29 October 2021
    To keep global warming below 1.5˚C, we all need to do more. Modelling from the Schneider Electric™ Sustainability Research Institute highlights that we need to reduce global CO2 emissions by three to five times more than the amount governments have currently committed to by 2030. Otherwise, meeting the Paris Agreement risks becoming perilously out of […]