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Energy Focus

Energy Focus is published online by the Energy Industries Council based in the United States of America.

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  • Foreword From the Chief Executive 7 June 2022
    In my last foreword, I voiced great concern over the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and its impacts on the energy industry. Now that the conflict has turned into a protracted war with far-reaching consequences, it is only natural to explore the theme further.
  • The future is safer, cleaner, cheaper nuclear energy 30 May 2022
    Moltex’s UK team of scientists and engineers is focused on the complex challenge of delivering energy that is both clean and affordable, to address climate change. The company’s answer is simple: Moltex has designed a nuclear reactor that uses the natural properties of materials so that the reaction happens in a controlled and safe manner. […]
  • The energy transition needs virtual power plants 30 May 2022
    In the wake of wider distributed energy resources (DER) deployment, increased renewable energy capacity, and grid software advances, virtual power plants (VPPs) have gained traction in the energy industry. With the electric grid shifting from a centralised generation model powered by fossil fuels to one reliant on distributed, variable renewable energy sources, VPPs will be […]
  • Unlock new oil and gas opportunities in Africa 30 May 2022
    Namibia Namibia’s natural resources are estimated at 11bn barrels (Bbbl) of oil and 2.2tn cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas reserves, but the country has been characterised by unsuccessful oil and gas exploration projects, the only exception being the moderately-sized Kudu gas field discovered in 1974, which remains undeveloped.
  • UK can lead the way on green aviation fuels 30 May 2022
    In February 2020, Sustainable Aviation – a UK-based coalition of airlines, aerospace manufacturers, airports and other aviation-related companies – published a Decarbonisation Road-Map setting out a credible pathway to achieving ‘jet zero’ by 2050. A 2050 goal is vital, but to meet investor, consumer and public expectations, we have to be scaling up solutions and […]