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Energy Focus

Energy Focus is published online by the Energy Industries Council based in the United States of America.

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  • My business: Gustavo Brito, IHM Stefanini 5 October 2023
    Can you tell us a little about IHM Stefanini? IHM Stefanini is the manufacturing segment of the Stefanini group, Latin America’s largest services company, which operates in more than 40 countries. From shop floor to cloud, we support industrial clients in their digital journey, making lasting and significant enhancements in operational performance, overcoming their initial […]
  • Is nuclear in trouble? 5 October 2023
    At first glance, the outlook for the UK nuclear energy industry is the best it has been during this century. The government has set ambitious targets for investment in new reactors. There is now wide acceptance of nuclear’s role as an essential part of the global response to the threat of irreversible climate change. Despite […]
  • The power grid - bottleneck of the energy transition? 5 October 2023
    While the case for the energy transition is evident, the challenges are extensive. We must tackle climate change – it is the challenge of our generation – but in recent years, price fluctuations, supply bottlenecks and geopolitical concerns have made it difficult to access affordable, secure and clean energy. Today’s grid is not fit for […]
  • Hydrocarbons are insulating energy business from a recession 5 October 2023
    Oil and gas (O&G) supply chain companies are reporting record order books. Nice work if you can get it, especially in straitened times – but it was not that way a few years ago. The backlogs from a hydrocarbon resurgence are expected to continue for the foreseeable future, even with all signs pointing to a global recession as […]
  • Profits prove elusive in the clean energy transition 5 October 2023
    Policies aiming to decarbonise energy supplies and deliver net zero have facilitated increased investment in renewable energy, such as wind and solar. In 2023, for every US$1 invested in fossil fuels, US$1.70 is going to clean energy, according to the International Energy Agency. Five years ago, that figure was US$1 for US$1.